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2023-03-01Humboldt Research Fellow - Yiqian He

Prof. Yiqian He from the Department of Engineering Mechanics at Dalian University of Technology, China, has been awarded the Humboldt Research Felloship for Experienced Researchers. This programme is addressed to highly-qualified international scientists who wish to spend extended periods of research in Germany. Prof. He already stayed at the Institute of Mechanics of Materials for one year and achieved a 12 month extension of his fellowship recently.
His research interests include the Scaled Boundary Finite Element Method, inverse problems, and
damage models in soft biological tissue.

During his stay as a Humboldt Research Fellow he is working with Prof. Klaus Hackl on a new continuum model for soft tissues based on a thermodynamic framework. The model considers active biological behavior like growth and remodeling and has applications in clinical biomechanics, such as the damage predication in angioplasty.