Thursday Morning - Young Researcher's Meeting

GAMM Seminar on Microstructures 2024
Thursday, Januar 25, 2024
08:30 Conference desk
08:50 Opening
Young Researcher's Meeting, Session 1, Chair: Köhler/Blaszczyk
09:00 Waimann FE-FFT-based multiscale simulations of polycrystalline materials
09:30 Langenfeld Variational framework for damage modeling: Challenges and opportunities
10:00 Short coffee break
Young Researcher's Meeting, Session 2, Chair: Blaszczyk
10:15 Güzel On the effective electrical properties of microstructures featuring material interface
10:30 Pham Phu Phase-field modeling of domain switching in ferroelectric materials in the presence of a crack.
10:45 Lefort Multi-scale numerical methods for reaction-diffusion equations with oscillating coefficients
11:00 Harnisch Neural network propagators in data-driven inelasticity: An automated framework
11:15 Short coffee break
Young Researcher's Meeting, Session 3, Chair: Köhler
11:30 Kasiri Habibabadi Microstructure Monitoring for Additive Manufacturing using Coupled Deep Neural Operators and Neural-Cellular-Automata
11:45 Oyedeji Variational quantitative phase-field modeling and simulation of powder bed fusion additive manufacturing
12:00 Padilla-Garza Linking Energy to Irregularity in Prestrained Elastic Sheets
12:15 Ruget Construction of coarse approximations for a Schrödinger problem with highly oscillatory coeffcient
12:30 Lunch break

Thursday Afternoon - GAMM Seminar

GAMM Seminar on Microstructures 2024
Thursday, Januar 25, 2024
12:30 Lunch break
GAMM Seminar, Session 1, Chair:
13:30 Francfort Microcharges and Microbubbles and their impact on Macroscopic behavior
14:10 Engl A variational perspective on auxetic metamaterials of checkerboard type
14:30 Bargmann Uniting auxeticity with extreme strength and high stiffness - the microstructure of limpet teeth
14:50 He Anisotropic unified continuum model and 3D simulation for healing of damaged soft biological tissues
15:10 Coffee break
GAMM Seminar, Session 2, Chair:
15:40 Rüland On Scaling Laws for Some Microstructures in Shape-Memory Alloys
16:00 Martin Quasiconvex relaxation of a planar Biot-type energy with and without determinant constraints
16:20 Neumeier Computational Polyconvexification of Isotropic Functions
16:40 Köhler Towards Concurrent Numerical Relaxation: Introducing an H-Sequence Based Algorithm for Concurrent Approximation of Rank-One Convex Envelopes
17:30 Activity group meeting
19:30 Conference dinner

Friday - GAMM Seminar

GAMM Seminar on Microstructures 2024
Friday, Januar 26, 2024
GAMM Seminar, Session 3, Chair:
08:50 Clozeau Quantitative stochastic homogenization of variational models arising in fracture mechanics
09:10 von Oertzen Morphology-Based Homogenization of Evolving Microstructures in Phase Transforming Solids
09:30 Raithel Boundary Layer Estimates in Stochastic Homogenization
09:50 Wiedemann Homogenisation of a system of Stokes flow and advection–reaction–diffusion transport in a porous medium with coupled evolving microstructure
10:10 Graham Multiscale Homogenisation of Diffusion in enzymatically-calcified hydrogels
10:30 Coffee break
GAMM Seminar, Session 4, Chair:
11:00 Ruggeri Modeling and numerical analysis of antiferromagnetic and ferrimagnetic materials
11:40 Kozinov Material modeling of ferroelectricity enhanced by higher-order electromechanical coupling
12:00 Gaddikere Nagaraja Variational formulation of coupled chemo-mechanics in elastic and dissipative solids
12:20 Ganedi An Analysis of a Class of Variational Models for Heterogeneous Phase Separation
12:40 Lunch break
GAMM Seminar, Session 5, Chair:
14:00 Junker Time-separated Stochastic Mechanics: A novel Approach for the Estimation of Random Fluctuations during Microstructure Evolution
14:40 Madeo Modeling wave propagation and boundary effects in acoustic metamaterials by a relaxed micromorphic continuum
15:00 Sky Kinematics of micromorphic continua and suitable finite element spaces
15:20 Krischok Phase-field optimization, assessment, and experimental validation of minimal-surface micro-structures
15:40 Shcherbakov Parametrized balanced-viscosity solutions to a rate-independent hydraulic fracture model
16:00 Closing, Farewell coffee

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